May you be guided to a medicine to assist you on your daily journey of Self Love & nourishment to get you through this Life & the revealing of all the beauty it has to offer! 

Kia Ora I'm a traveling traditional full spectrum midwife, Herbalist, medicine women & mother.I create products that help nourish the mind, body & spirit through plant medicines in my garden & local forest, in a loving sustainable way, with intentions of deep nourishment, Love, healing energy, & prayers that it may help each person in the way that they need it to evolve, and move forward with courage & peace in this lifetime. 
I have been serving our indigenous communities for over 15 years from facilitating healing circles, guided meditations, Dream interpretations, Spiritual guidance, home-births, Bone closing ceremonies, womb healing, medicine making classes, birth classes & fertility classes, and now for the past 5 years I've been doing it all worldwide!                             

I grew up learning from my grandmother, (Maria Pilar Fernandez Villalobos) a Medicine women from Chihuahua Mexico. 
Following my grandmother around, and learning the indigenous ways of plant medicine, and traditional healing.
 To feel & absorb the energy, & medicine that specific plants have to offer is an invaluable teaching. 
One must have the awareness to create with a clear heart & mind, and the absence of fear, because that energy will be put into whatever you create & who you share it with. 
Creating these medicines is an intense, intricate & timely process. 
Starting from the time of gardening, planting seeds, and nurturing the plants..then gathering the plants in a ceremonial way, all the way to extracting, blending, to bottling & packaging... 
Everything I create is 100% natural & made from scratch, no harmful chemicals or essential oils used, no additives, no perfumes, no dyes!
I started out only making products specifically for my birthing clients needs...then I started to provide what was on high demand to all others who heard by: "word of mouth"
I specialize in custom packages for the specific needs of each person by paid consultation, which is why it is so important to feel, and be connected to each person I work with... being able to tap into the energy fields of knowing what their specific needs are is an extremely important & potent medicine.
knowing: "what works for one person does not work for everyone" this is why my prayers for all products are that it helps you in the way you personally need it the most!
Whatever product you choose...or allow me to create for you, You will be sure to feel the love, good energy, and nourishment...from each product!
Something that we all need more of in this world is something that is consistently connecting us to our guidance system within, reminding us of all that we are within!

For consultations on healing sessions, ceremonies, custom herbal medicine, gift sets or Birth-work please e.mail me at directly om this site or NemahFaaloua @ 

Healing is a way of life. Something to practice consistently. 
 Illness is an opportunity to find out what you might be doing wrong in your life, and a chance to get well... We must use the necessary tools to heal our mind, body. & hearts for the well being of the earth & its people.
 We must not choose to be complacent & overlook that change always starts with ourselves, our homes & family...

 Tobacco & song are always offered before picking medicines. When you offer tobacco, or song to a plant and explain why you are there, that plant will let all the plants in the area know why you are coming to pick them, a mother plant will intuitively direct us which plants to gather.
It is also important to seek the help and advice of an Elder, Healer or Medicine Person and give your offering of tobacco, or song so they know that a request may be made, as tobacco is one of our most sacred medicines. We express our gratitude for the help & guide from creator, spirit guides, and our ancestors give us through our offering of tobacco.   
((( Ha"oh )))     All My Relations!

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